Laura Szkolar-Sienkiewicz graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011 with a 1st class M.Eng (hons) in Biomaterials Science and Tissue Engineering.
She obtained her Ph.D in Biomedical Materials Science from a joint venture between Peptisyntha-Solvay and The University of Manchester, Institute of Biotechnology in 2015. During her Ph.D studies she presented her work at numerous conferences worldwide including; TERMIS-US, TCES, MRS and ESB. She also served as a symposium organiser for MRS fall in 2012.
Along with her academic studies, Laura invested a great deal of time in the communication of the STEM subjects to underrepresented groups. She worked as a STEM ambassador for STEMNET and was involved with numerous organizations to help with outreach projects including; The Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, the Institute of Physics, ScienceGirl and the Royal Society of Chemistry to name a few.
To compliment her research, further studies were also undertaken in languages, including
Mandarin Chinese and German, along with obtaining qualifications in Project Management, Bioinformatics and Science Communication.
After completing her research in Manchester, Laura moved to Lansing, Michigan to work as
a Research Scholar at Michigan State University. Here she researched novel polymeric nanoparticles as smart contrast agents for MRI, with a focus on theranostic agents for cancer therapy and stem cell tracking. Upon completing 2 years at Michigan State, Laura presented her research at ISMRM 2017 Honolulu, receiving the Summa cum Laude merit award for her work.
Now in Seattle, Washington, Laura is a Project Manager at Spacelabs Healthcare, specializing in Quality and Regulatory for Medical Devices and Medical Device Software.
An advocate for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, Laura writes for the Association of Women in Science (AWIS) Washington Wire, is the Chair of Programs and Event for Seattle AWIS, and is the current Vice-Chair and Chair-Elect of Programming for Women in Bio (WIB), Seattle.