ISMRM Honolulu, Hawaii. The end of a chapter.

On Saturday, I’ll be aboard a flight from Seattle to Honolulu. This year sees ISMRM (international society for magnetic resonance in medicine) holding its annual conference on the Hawaiian island, and many many researchers couldn’t be happier about it!

The conference marks a big change in both my personal and professional life, as I leave Michigan behind and pursue a new career path and life in Seattle, Washington.

Simultaneously, for the first time since working for MSU I have been given the opportunity to give an oral presentation at an international meeting.

I have attended many conferences and seminars, often presenting my research in the form of posters, but this opportunity allows me to finally share the exciting data we have been acquiring over the last 2 years, and share the news of upcoming papers.

Until very recently, all of my research had a focus on the in vitro characterization of a range of novel nanoparticles, made from polymeric and peptide materials, that allowed for the development of MRI contrast as a result of a stimulus. The data was great, but it wasn’t as scientifically sexy as some of the other work going in the field. Now finally, we have demonstrated that those very particles work within the body, and moreover, allow for the targeted delivery of chemotherapy. It’s a big development and the proof-of-concept of a new mode of molecular imaging.

The chance to share this work with the world is bittersweet. I’m proud of what we accomplished at MSU but I’m also sad to be leaving it behind.

I’ll be spending the next few days obsessively practicing my talk and probably editing slides. Hopefully a great talk is enough to send-off this chapter in my career in a good light. And if not, at least I’m in Hawaii!


If you’re interested in my abstract have a look over it here!